Monday, October 3, 2011


I am struggling to find a good book to devour. The last few I've checked out just aren't doing it for me.

One of the books is by Carol Higgins Clark. I've never read any of her books; in fact, I just heard about her last week. Two people told me that she isn't as good as her mom (Mary Higgins Clark). I think I've only read one Mary Higgins Clark (and, I ended up skipping to the end because it was uber creepy), but I think hearing this may have affected my feelings on the book.

Has anyone else read any of Carol's books? Is it just me, and my allergy induced fog, or is her writing bad? A big distraction could be that my library only had large print editions. Is the larger font making the dialogue seem worse than it really is?

Sorry Carol, but I think seven chapters is all I'm going to give you. I wish you the best, really I do.

I need to find a good book to read. I'm typically in the mood for what my sister calls "mind candy". I think this is the same type of book that I refer to as "fluff". Whatever it is, it's easy to read, and doesn't take much mind power to do so.

Any suggestions?