Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas DVD Blog Tour

Are you on the lookout for some Christmas movies to watch with your whole family over the next week or so? I had the opportunity to watch two the other day that are family friendly with great messages.

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The Christmas Apron

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Movie Synopsis:

The children in Millie’s family can’t wait for Grandma to arrive with her special Christmas apron. According to tradition, each grandchild will write down the gift he or she wants most in the world, and then slip that wish into the apron’s pocket. Then, on Christmas morning, those wished-for gifts will be magically waiting under the tree. But then eleven-year-old Millie overhears her parents: the family can’t afford gifts for all the little ones. She pictures the disappointment on her siblings’ faces: nothing to open on Christmas morning. Is Millie willing to sacrifice her own whole-soul wish so that someone else’s can come true? Full of tender emotion and delightful surprise, this story reminds us of the miracles that unfold when we think of others before ourselves.


The Christmas Apron is short, just 26 minutes, but it has a very touching message about being selfless. It is during wartime (I think World War II), and not only are families affected by having loved ones gone serving in the war, but there are shortages everywhere and money is tight. Millie loves ballet and has finally progressed enough to move on to pointe shoes; however, getting them for Christmas would take a miracle. She sacrifices her own wish to ask for a gift for her sister instead.

This is a short, sweet film. I loved how Millie was learning from the example of her father who was always serving those in need around them. She was able to see the benefits of thinking of others first.

Christmas Break-In

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Movie Synopsis:

Today was supposed to be one of the best days ever for nine-year-old Izzy Rush. But now, on the last day of class before Christmas break, she has been left alone at school. To make matters worse, the biggest blizzard this town has ever seen is blowing and snowing full force. Which is why three bumbling crooks on the lam decide to take shelter in the seemingly empty school. When Izzy discovers that the criminals are holding her friend Ray, the school custodian, she decides it’s up to her to save the day. But what can a nine-year-old girl do? You’d be surprised!


This movie took me back to days long ago when my sister and I went to see Home Alone in theaters. The line at our small town movie theater was out the door and down the street (I'd never seen that happen before). The humor in that film hit the spot for a ten-year-old.

Christmas Break-In is like Home Alone except at a school. There's a significant level of cheesiness, inept criminals, and forgetful parents. It's clean and has a good message about the importance of family. I really liked the kindness of Ray, the school custodian/ Izzy's guitar teacher, and the concern of Izzy's older teenage brother.

As adults, you may get a kick out of seeing some familiar faces. Danny Glover plays Ray, and Denise Richards plays Izzy's mom.

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