Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Book Review: Adventurers Wanted: The Axe of Sundering by M.L. Foreman 
Book Description:

The long-awaited final volume of the Adventures Wanted series. Whalen Vankin is the worlds greatest wizard, and he has only ever personally trained two other wizards. One is Alexander Taylor, a young man who has earned a reputation as a brave adventurer, a warrior, and man of honor. The other is Jabez, Vankin's nephew and a man whose choices have led him down a different, darker path.
Dark magic has covered Westland, and evil is stirring. Whalen and Alex must journey together into the heart of danger, confronting a sea serpent, battling their way through a goblin army, and facing down more than one dragon. Alex must find the legendary Axe of Sundering the one weapon that offers a chance to defeat Jabez and protect the land from the dark wizards plans. But finding it will be an adventure of its own as the only pathway to the Axe leads through the underground tunnels and secret passages of Castle Conmar.
But Jabez has one final weapon at his disposal: the powerful Orion Stone, which could spell the end to Whalen and Alex both.

Rorie's Review:

I didn't realize this was the 5th book in a series until my son pointed it out to me. He has the first book, and enjoyed it, but he didn't want to read this one until he's had a chance to read the other three books. 

I have to agree with him. Some books work well as stand-alone novels, but this one did not. There were a lot of things that were mentioned that I know would have made much more sense if I had read the first 4 books. Maybe that's why I felt like there wasn't a whole lot of depth to these characters and really, the whole story line. 

While this book just wasn't for me, I think my oldest two kids would really get into this series. We just need to get the middle three books now so they can read them all. :)

Tarah's Review:

I'm going to agree with Rorie on this one. Starting on the fifth book of this series was probably not the best idea I've ever had. It certainly was an entertaining book, but because we didn't know a lot about the characters they all seemed to be missing something. A lot of things weren't explained either. I'm assuming Alex's O'Gash was like his dragon personality or something, but no explanation was given in this book and I was left to my own devises to figure something out.

It's a beautiful cover though, no? In fact all of the covers in this series are great looking, so kudos to the design team there.

I'm interested in the other books of the series, but will probably only read them if they fall into my lap. I do think my kids would like them though. I'm hesitant to let them read this one first, just because it's the last book, but I think they would enjoy it. Adventurers Wanted: The Axe of Sundering
Author: M.L. Forman
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: October 2017
ISBN: 1609079345
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.