Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Book Review: The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson

The Noble Servant (A Medieval Fairy Tale, #3)
Book Description:

She lost everything to an evil conspiracy . . . but that loss may just give her all she ever wanted.

Since meeting Steffan, the Duke of Wolfberg, at Thornbeck Castle, Lady Magdalen has not been able to stop thinking about him. She knows—as a penniless lady with little to offer in terms of a dowry—she has no real hope of marrying such a highly titled man, so it comes as a great surprise when she receives a letter from him, asking for her hand in marriage.

But all is not what it seems at Wolfberg Castle. Steffan has been evicted by his scheming uncle, and his cousin has taken over the title of duke. Left for dead, Steffan is able to escape, and disguised as a shepherd, hopes to gain entry to the castle to claim the items that will prove he is the true Duke of Wolfberg.

Journeying to the castle, Magdalen has no idea what awaits her, but she certainly did not expect her loyal maidservant to turn on her. Forcing Magdalen to trade places with her, the servant plans to marry the duke and force Magdalen to tend the geese.

Without their respective titles—and the privileges that came with them—Steffan and Magdalen are reunited in the shepherd’s field. Together they conspire to get back their rightful titles. But they must hurry . . . or else they risk losing it all to the uncle’s evil plan.

Tarah's Review:

Let's start with the cover. While I think it's a beautiful cover, it doesn't scream Melanie Dickerson to me. Any one else think that? Maybe it's the title. That didn't seem to match any of the other books of hers either. I mean, this has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was interesting that it was so different.

I was a bit surprised with this story, with how fast Steffan and Magdalen figured out who each other were. I think I was expecting most of the story to be of the discovery, but instead it happens really quickly at the beginning, and the most of the story focuses on how to restore each of them to their titles and privileges.

This made me want to go back and reread Beautiful Pretender since this is the next book. However, that being said, even though I didn't remember anything from Beautiful Pretender I didn't have any problem following along with this story, so if this is the first Melanie Dickerson book you are picking up you will be fine and not lost at all.

Andrea's Review:

I was very excited to read Melanie Dickerson's new novel, The Noble Servant, because I really liked A Spy's Devotion. This was an enjoyable story that I read quickly; however, the dialogue was a little off. I'm not sure what it was, but it wasn't bad enough that I didn't want to keep reading.

The story itself was very interesting. I was quite entertained by Steffan and Magdalen being stripped of their identities, and trying to make things right while trying to blend in. 

I don't see myself reading this again but I don't regret reading it. It was clean and entertaining.  

The Noble Servant (A Medieval Fairy Tale, #3) 
Title: The Noble Servant
Author: Melanie Dickerson
Publisher: Fabled Films Press
Published: May 2017
Source: I received an eCopy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.