Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Book Review: God Loves Daddy and Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

God Loves Daddy and Me
Book Description:

God loves Daddy and me, He listens when we pray, When we tell Him “Thank You,” it’s the best part of our day!

Cuddle up cozy-close with an adorable reminder of God’s love for daddies and their little ones. Celebrating loving fathers, precious children, and the God who loves them all, God Loves Daddy and Me will remind parents and little ones of how much they are loved.

Book Review:

My 4 year old and 6 year old were really excited when I got this in the mail. We read it right away, multiple times. First my 6 year old read it to my 4 year old (which kind of melted my heart) and then I read it to both of them, and then we read our favorite parts again and again.

My 4 year old keeps walking around the house says, "My book! My book! This is Daddy, and this is me!" pointing to the pictures on the cover. When I asked her what she liked about the book she immediately turned to a specific page and pointed to the drawings. She gave it never-ending stars.

My 6 year old liked it, but when I asked her she said that it wasn't her type of book because it was too easy to read. We finally clarified that she liked having someone read it to her, but she wasn't impressed that it wasn't a chapter book, and therefore too easy to read (little stinker). She gave it 60 stars.

I liked that we were able to go back and pick out all the rhyming words, and that we were able to talk about each picture and think of a time when our daddy does stuff like that with us. It brought up good memories and my girls said their favorite thing about daddy is his hugs.  We were also able to talk about Heavenly Father's love for us.

I know how my kids treat books, and I know they don't last super long in my house so I'm glad this was a padded board book. Seriously, those are my favorite kinds now. Highly recommended. Highly.

God Loves Daddy and Me
Title: God Loves Daddy and Me
Author: Bonnie Rickner Jensen
Illustrator: Laura Watkins
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published: March 2017
ISBN: 0718091779
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.