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Blog Tour: The Christ-Centered Home by Emily Belle Freeman

The Christ Centered Home by Emily Belle Freeman

Book Description:

In the hectic scramble of a world that asks us to do everything, be everyone, and make it all look easy, we often lose track of the experiences that really matter most—quiet moments in our homes with our families when we feel the peace of Jesus Christ.

The lessons Jesus taught in the homes of His followers were simple. They were basic. And they were—and are—essential. In The Christ-Centered Home, you will discover how to fill your family’s hearts with the principles Jesus taught in the most sacred of classrooms: the home.

There is a humility that comes when we invite the Lord into our most private spaces. Within the hush we hear the gentle whisper of His voice, we experience the touch of His hand, and we feel the prompting to rise. Invite Him in, and experience the added measure of peace, strength, courage, and hope that comes when Jesus Christ becomes the central focus of your home.

The Christ-Centered Home by Emily Freeman is available wherever books are sold.

Andrea's Review:

The Christ-Centered Home isn't the typical kind of book that I pick up, but as I've been thinking more and more about the obstacles my children are facing (and will face) I've realized that I need to step up the spiritual teaching my husband and I do at home.

I really like how the book is broken up into lessons for twelve months. We try to have a family night each week, and as I read the introduction and the first chapter to myself, I knew that this would be great material for our family night lessons.

The first month says "Invite Him In". I really liked the directive to apply Zacchaeus' story to our lives. We read the ten verses from Luke 19 together, and discussed it focusing on the three important lessons included in the book. The book then directed us to come up with something we could do for the month to invite the Spirit of the Lord into our home. One thing that we've been having a lot of contention over is messes, so our goal was to be more mindful of putting our things away, and helping others with that as well. It might not scream spirituality, but when we're being kind there is definitely a better feeling in our home. And less clutter helps with peace.

A home where Jesus would choose to abide doesn't just happen by chance; it is something we must intentionally create day after day after day.

This first month was definitely a trial run. Although I thought I noticed a difference in the amount of our messes, I realized when I reviewed it with my family this week that even though I was thinking about our goal throughout the month, it wasn't on the forefront of their minds. I wrote the goal down in the book, but didn't hang it up somewhere (as advised) as a reminder for everyone. I also should have taken the time each week to review it with them. We'll concentrate on it this last week of the month (with a visual reminder this time).

I'm looking forward to applying the rest of the lessons over the next year. The format is one that seems like it will work well with our family.

Tarah's Review:

The minute I read the title of this book I knew I wanted to read it (even though I'm not big on non-fiction).  As a family we've been thinking a lot more about how to make our home a happier one, and how to make choices that would lead us closer to the Savior. This book has helped focus our otherwise random and sporadic efforts.

There are so many things I like about this book. But the best thing so far is that my kids are really on board. I brought up something I had read in here while we were roasting hotdogs and through-out the week my kids would bring it back up, or we'd have a teaching moment. Then something would happen and I had just read something in the book about what just happened and it brought up even more opportunities to talk to my kids about making our home a place where the Savior would want to come in.

I also really like that I'm getting personal stuff from it too. Like this, for example, "If we get lost in the person the world things we are, we may never become the person the Lord knows that we can be." Isn't that beautiful? I love that, and ironically enough it's something that I've been thinking a lot about prior to reading this book.

If inviting the Savior into you home is something you've been trying or thinking about, I'd definitely give this book a try.

Title: The Christ-Centered Home
Author: Emily Belle Freeman
Publisher: Ensign Peak
Published: April 2016
ISBN: 1629721557
Source: We received a copies from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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