Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: Mysteries of Cove Fires of Invention 

Book Description:
Trenton Colman is a creative thirteen-year-old boy with a knack for all things mechanical. But his talents are viewed with suspicion in Cove, a steam-powered city built inside a mountain. In Cove, creativity is a crime and invention is a curse word.

Kallista Babbage is a repair technician and daughter of the notorious Leo Babbage, whose father died in an explosion an event the leaders of Cove point to as an example of the danger of creativity. Working together, Trenton and Kallista learn that Leo Babbage was developing a secret project before he perished. Following clues he left behind, they begin to assemble a strange machine that is unlikely anything they've ever seen before. They soon discover that what they are building may threaten every truth their city is founded on and quite possibly their very lives.

Rorie's Review: 

I tend to gravitate towards books like this one, where people are living in a dystopian society. I am always curious to find out how the society got to be where it is in the book - sometimes I'm frustrated because the author doesn't go into enough background detail to fulfill my curiosity, but I'm happy to say that did not happen with this book.

I can't even imagine having to live in a society where pretty much every choice is made for you and you are severely punished if you try to create things. I was immediately drawn into the story, and loved getting to know all of the main characters.

My oldest son also read the book and states "It was good! I want to read another one." He was really surprised to find out why they built a city in the mountain (so was I, actually.) This is definitely a book I will recommend to adults and children alike.

Andrea's Review:

I was initially drawn to review Fires of Invention because I thought my 11-year-old would probably enjoy it (which she did). But, I'm happy to say it's not just a book for middle graders.

I liked the characters and enjoyed the mystery. The idea of this society was very interesting. I was surprised about why it was created (very unique idea that I didn't see coming at all-the lie was much more believable). Several characters hearts were softened by the end of the story, which is something I always enjoy.

The resolution seemed to happen somewhat quickly after quite a lot of build up, but it was an enjoyable story. I am curious about what happens next.

If you enjoy clean, middle-grade books (or your children do), be sure to check out Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention. Title: Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention
Author: J. Scott Savage
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: September 2015
Source: We received copies from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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