Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog Tour: Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant by Becky Porter

Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant

Book Description:

Tired of bad hair days? Popular hairstyle blogger Becky Porter teaches you the basics of braids, buns, and twists, and helps you combine them to create amazing hairstyles for any occasion. Go from drab to fab at any age with the easy, step-by-step tutorials in this essential guide.

Book Review:

I am not a hair person. I never learned and I have such funky hair that it is a huge frustration to me. My poor girls are suffering from this, so I was glad to see that Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant included the basics for people like me who need the beginning. Actually, all my favorite hairstyles were in the first section.

I really like how there was step-by-step photo instructions. That helps people like me who don't have a clue. While I don't love all the hairstyles in the book, and some I just can't use because of the length of my children's hair, I am excited that now my daughter has a reference book to help her when she gets old enough to do her own hair....because this momma can't teach her. I also appreciated how there were hairstyles for both me and my girls. I tried the Braided Buns on myself (which is quite the feat people) and while I did modify the top, this is going to quickly become a favorite of mine. And my oldest daughter was quite happy with the waterfall twist. My younger daughter doesn't really care, as long as she looks like a princess. And she lets me play with her hair more than anyone else, so that's fun.

So if you are needing help because you are clueless like me, or if you are just looking for ideas, maybe this would be a good book for you.

Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant
Title: Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant
Author: Becky Porter
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Published: October 2014
ISBN: 1462115039
Source: I received an eCopy from the publisher in exchange for a review.