Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog Tour: Cragbridge Hall by Chad Morris

Book Description

The adventure continues when Abby and Derick begin their second semester at Cragbridge Hall, the most prestigious secondary school in the world. But when Grandpa Cragbridge admits them to the Council of Keys—a secret group of people who have keys to travel back in time—strange things begin to happen. One by one, members are found unconscious and unable to wake, their keys stolen. Now Abby and Derick must scramble to figure out who is behind the attacks before they become the next victims, which would give their enemy the power to change the past forever.
A page-turning, time-travel adventure that teaches powerful lessons about choice and consequence, believing you can do hard things, and valuing history.

Book Review

If you haven't read this book yet (or this series) you need to! This was such a great book. You know how sometimes Youth Fiction either has a good story but poor writing, or good writing, but the story is lacking? Well, The Avatar Battle hits both squarely on the head.  Even my husband thought the writing was really well done (and he's pickier with his youth fiction than I am). In fact, he stole both this book, and The Inventor's Secret (the first book in the Cragbridge Hall series) from me, and I had to wait until he was done to even start them.
Even though you need to read the first book of the series to really understand the second book, I wasn't at all disappointed. Normally the second book in a series always seems like a filler to me. It's never quite as good as the first, but this one was fun. I like how we got to know Derick and Rafa better in this book, but that all my favorite characters from the first book were back.
If you enjoy Youth Fiction you really need to pick these up. I will definitely be reading these again, and my children are going to love them. This is a book for the whole family.