Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Blüd and Magick by Preston Norton

Darla Summer was born from the ashes of the dead Shadow Lord, Remmus Alrad. This left the Seven Sages to deliberate what was to be done with her. Darius, the Sage who slew the Shadow Lord, wants her dead. Another Sage, Edwin, believes she deserves a chance to live. Edwin is granted permission to raise her in the human world under the condition that her true identity not be revealed until an appointed time.

Fourteen years later, Darla has no idea of her magical beginnings or her dark heritage. But when she meets Ash and Cirrus—teenage brothers who are not so human themselves—her world is turned upside down. An organization known as the Shadow Risers is out to collect her, claiming that she is the vessel of their Master, and Darla is forced to fight back. But how do you fight your greatest enemy when he’s living inside you?

In early February I had the chance to be a part of the Blüd and Magick Blog Tour. Fantasy isn't my favorite genre, but the excerpt I was provided for my tour stop made the book sound very interesting, so I was excited when I had the chance to read it.

The fantasy books I prefer are those mixed with modern day. I was a bit concerned when Blüd and Magick opened with no modern elements, but it quickly made the move to the modern world and became more interesting to me. I found myself really liking Darla and Uncle Ed, and I was very curious to find out what would become of Darla. I also really liked Ash and Cirrus. They provided some comic relief, and a small touch of (potential) romance.

I couldn't help but think of the Harry Potter books a few times, especially during the school shopping parts, but most of the story felt very original. I was surprised about the traitor, and although I was a bit disappointed that everything wasn't wrapped up in one book, I thought the ending was well done. I haven't heard anything about a sequel, but I'm looking forward to finding out more about Darla and her friends.

*I received an eCopy of Blüd and Magick in exchange for a review.