Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spotlight and Review: Tweet the Police by Ellis Drake

Rick thought being a sheriff's deputy in the small New Mexico town of Ultima would be a quiet job--but that was before he met Mrs. Pendergast, the local busybody who fancies herself an amateur sleuth.

When Mrs. P sees a tweet asking for help on her new smartphone, she's determined to find out if the "tweep" is okay; and it's all Rick and her granddaughter, Sylvie, can do to keep up with her!

Some short stories feel rushed, but even with only 26 pages Tweet the Police was just right. This is an entertaining mystery set in a small town, where the sleuth is a pint-sized granny with a Smartphone. Even though there wasn't a lot of time to develop characters, I really liked Mrs. P. It's hard not to like spunky grandmas.

Tweet the Police is available as an eBook for $0.99 on Amazon.

As far as content goes, there are a few swearwords and a violent crime is discovered.

*I received this eBook in exchange for a review.