Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I got a heads up that Watched was free in the Kindle Store, so after I verified that it was clean (via a trusted reviewer on Goodreads), I "bought" it and got busy reading.

Watched is about an almost 16-year-old girl that won a scholarship to attend a political program in DC over the summer. At home Christy doesn't have many friends, and most kids her age are turned off by her brilliance. She's excited for a clean slate with new kids in DC, and she makes some poor choices in order to fit in. She and some of the other kids witness a horrible crime, and spend the rest of their trip trying to figure out who to trust in order to stay alive.

The story was pretty intense and entertaining, even though there were a few aspects that were hard to believe. Hogan created some characters that I'm looking forward to learning more about.