Friday, February 24, 2012

Girls Don't Fly

Girls Don't FlyGirls Don't Fly by Kristen Chandler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Myra is a high school senior with heavy responsibilities at home, and a future focused on what her boyfriend is going to do. Then he dumps her and she's left to figure out what she really wants. She's always been a doormat-a people pleaser, so finding what she wants is difficult (and met with plenty of opposition).

Even though I wasn't the target audience for this novel, I did find much of it enjoyable. I was happy for Myra when she found something she was really interested in, and when she thoughtfully made choices that would help herself and those around her.

The book would have been better without the profanity and some of the other content. Was it realistic for the teenage crowd? Probably. Was it necessary? Not IMHO.

On a side note, I got this from the library and it had lots of (cat?) hair in it. I hope this didn't affect my opinion of the novel, but I was totally grossed out. My reaction reminded me of Myra.