Friday, June 10, 2011

Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind

Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind (Avalon Romance)Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind by Heidi Ashworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind was an enjoyable, fast read, reminiscent of a Jane Austen story.

Miss Delacourt is a head-strong woman, who loathes that most people defer to impeccable manners instead of saying what they really feel. She would much rather tend her to grandaunt's rose garden than attend balls with other members of high society.

Sir Anthony Crenshaw (grandson to Ginny Delacourt's grandaunt) is told by his grandmother to escort Ginny from the city back home to tend to her rose garden. Anthony and Ginny initially find each other detestable, but they are forced to spend much more time together than anticipated. They come to see each other in a new light, but the other characters in the story are in the way.

I wasn't nearly as emotionally connected to the characters in this story as I have been with Jane Austen's characters, but I did like the story. I will definitely try to read the sequel, Miss Delacourt Has Her Day.