Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review: The Heart's Appeal by Jennifer Delamere

 The Heart's Appeal (London Beginnings #2)

Book Description:

Strong-minded and independent Julia Bernay comes to London to study medicine and become a doctor--a profession that has only just opened up to women. She witnesses a serious accident, and through her quick actions saves the life of an ambitious young barrister named Michael Stephenson.

Coming from a family that long ago lost its money and its respectability, Michael Stephenson has achieved what many would have thought was impossible. Hard work and an aptitude for the law have enabled him to rise above his family's stigma and set him on the path to wealth and recognition. But his well-laid plans are upended when the accident brings Julia into his life.

Michael soon discovers he's met a woman every bit as stubborn and determined to make her mark on the world as he is. Sparks fly--but will they find common ground?

Book Review:

This is book two in the London Beginnings series. However, I think it could be read first and not give you much trouble. Yes, there are characters that appear in both (the series is about three sisters), but they don't play so much of a role that is unexplained or that would leave you confused.

Unlike the first book, this title actually fit the book and makes sense :) I'm assuming the first book's title will make sense at the end of the series, but until then I still say it was misleading.

I really enjoyed this book and finished it in a short amount of time, especially considering it's almost 400 pages.  I loved the story-line. It was really interesting to me how the college got sued for slander and how the jury decided to award things. I have no desire to live in that time period, but it's fascinating to see how far we've come as a society. And it's interesting to see how little we've progressed as well.

While I will say that I thought the characters made for an interesting read Julie struck me as quite the busy body. Sure it demonstrated her faith, and it all turned out well in the end. It just made me think that I couldn't be upset with those that were mad at her because, well, I probably would have been mad at her sticking her nose in my business too.

I'll definitely check out the third book in the series!

The Heart's Appeal (London Beginnings #2)

Title:  The Heart's Appeal
Author: Jennifer Delamere
Publisher: Bethany House
Published: March 2018
ISBN: 0764219219
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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