Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: Rescue Me by Susan May Warren

Rescue Me (Montana Rescue, #2)
Book Description:

When Deputy Sam Brooks commits to something, nothing can sway him--not just on the job as liaison between the Mercy Falls sheriff's department and PEAK Rescue, but in his private life. He's the one who stuck around to take care of his mother after his father's accidental death. And he's the one--perhaps the only one--who believes Sierra Rose is the perfect girl for him. Safe, practical, and organized, she's nothing like her hippie, impulsive, bleeding heart sister, Willow.

Willow, however, has been in love with Sam Brooks for as long as she can remember. But she wants her sister to have a happy ending. Besides, Willow has other things to focus on--namely, nabbing the job as youth pastor for her small-town church. Best thing for her to do is to purge Sam from her heart.

Neither can predict the events that will bring them together in a fight for their lives in the forbidding wilderness of Glacier National Park. Stranded, injured, and with the winter weather closing in, Sam and Willow will have to work together to save a crew of terrified teenagers. As they fight to survive, they might just discover a new hope for love.

Book Review:

First of all, this is the second book in a series, and if you haven't read the first one, don't start with this one. There is so much going on in this book, and much of it comes from the first book, so even though it all dealt with minor characters, I think the reader would be lost if they hadn't started with the first one.

I did enjoy this book much better than the first one. However, like I said, there was a lot going on. A lot...and it was much like a soap opera. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was totally taken in by that aspect and will finish the series because of it. I generally avoid soap operaish books, but I'm curious about the minor characters so I'll keep reading.

There was a lot of action in this book and, again, it was like, "Can't these characters ever get a break?" I'm not a bear expert in any shape or form, but I did wonder how researched that aspect of the book was. It didn't seem all accurate, but since I haven't done any research I can't say one way or the other.

Like I said, I will read the next in the series because I'm curious about the minor characters, but honestly, I wouldn't recommend this series to my friends.

Rescue Me (Montana Rescue, #2)
Title: Rescue Me
Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Revell
Published: January 2017
ISBN:  0800727444
Source: I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.