Friday, July 29, 2016

Book Review: The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions by Tracey Hecht,204,203,200_.jpg 

Book Description: 

Join us for a flabbergastifying adventure under the stars! The Nocturnals features three unlikely friends: Dawn, a serious fox, Tobin, a sweet pangolin and Bismark, the loud mouthed, pint sized sugar glider. The stories all play out in their nighttime world with teamwork, friendship and humor in every adventure.

In The Mysterious Abductions, the animals form a brigade of the night after a random encounter with a blood-thirsty snake, and just in time because something is threatening their night realm. Animals are disappearing without a trace. Together with the help of a wombat, a band of coyotes and many others, Dawn, Tobin and Bismark journey to the depths of the earth in a wacky, high stakes game that will determine all of their survival.

Rorie's Review:

My 8-year-old son LOVED this book. He devoured it within a day or two and immediately asked me when we could get the second book. He also would tell anyone and everyone that they really needed to read this book, because it was just the best thing ever. I loved that it made him very curious about the main animals in this book - enough so that he had to look up just what a pangolin and a sugar glider even were. He even wrote a paper on pangolins in school.
Here is my son's review in his own words: "I liked how it can teach you and make you laugh. Because I never heard of a sugar glider, pangolin, and kiwi bird. I wish I knew what country they were in and what language they were speaking."

I too am wondering what country this book takes place in. I do that with every book that I read  - I like to have a map in my head of where the story is taking place. Definitely a cute book, and one that I highly recommend for kids.

Tarah's Review:

This was a cute fast read. While reading it to myself I just kept thinking how fun it would be to hear it read aloud. Bismark, the sugar glider, says lots of funny things, and the crocodiles names said fast and together form a word (look for that, it's clever). I could see this being read in classes and families and then talking about choices, and forgiveness. Cute story.
Kember's (age 11) Review:

I loved this  book! My favorite character was the sugar glider because he was small and funny. I think it is funny that Bismark likes Dawn. It was fun to know what a pangolin was. It's cool that they let off stink glands when they are nervous. I keep wondering what language they are speaking and what country they are in.  It was sad when the crocodile figured out that his family was taken by poachers, not coachers. He kept stealing animals for a game, because he thought it would impress the coachers and they would give his family back, but the three main characters were able to help him figure it out.  I would recommend this book to all the kids who can read.,204,203,200_.jpg 
 Title: The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions
Author: Tracey Hecht
Publisher: Fabled Films Press
Published: April 2016

ISBN: 1944020004
Source: We received copies in exchange for an honest review.  
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