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Blog Tour: Painting Kisses by Melanie Jacobson

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Book Description:

Lia Carswell is good at what she does, even if it isn't as glamorous as her old artist life in Manhattan. The popular waitress works hard in a small Salt Lake City diner, with the goal of easing her sister's financial strain. And with her witty personality and good looks, she's something of an enigma to the male customers who vie for her attention. Ever the professional, Lia keeps her distance, with one exception. Aidan is a breakfast regular, and his gentle, clever teasing draws Lia's attention and builds an easy rapport between them, though Lia would never let their relationship get serious, especially since he's not the only one trying to catch her eye. Her handsome neighbor Griff has been hinting that he wants more than a neighborly relationship.

Then her old New York artist life comes knocking, and an offer is made for a series of commissioned paintings. Lia knows it would ensure financial security for her family, but she doesn't know if she wants that life anymore. When she undertakes one final project, she reawakens her heart and soul. And as she finds herself falling in love and needing an outlet more and more, she realizes her paintings might be her saving grace.

Andrea's Review:

I've really enjoyed Melanie's books published by Covenant, so I jumped at the chance to review her latest novel, Painting Kisses. It started out in typical Melanie fashion-snarky main female character, with plenty of laughs. Some aspects were predictable, but I didn't mind.

As the story goes on it loses the usual Melanie feel and is more of a heavy story. It was a good story, but different from what I was expecting. I really wanted more at the end. There's resolution, but I came away feeling, "that's it?"

I didn't relate as well with this book as I have with Melanie's LDS fiction novels. But, I'm excited that she is branching out, and I hope that she'll continue to keep her novels clean. There were a couple of instances in this book where I thought she might be pushing the content boundaries Covenant has, but I liked the characters and the overall story. I also really enjoyed the setting since I am familiar with some of the locations she used.

 Tarah's Review:

I kind of like it when an LDS author branches out into new long as they keep it clean. Painting Kisses was an excellent job of branching out!

The beginning was really funny and I enjoyed the interaction between Lia and Aidan. The head cook was such a great secondary character, and I enjoyed Aidan's dog in the story too (although I can't think too close about it...a dog in a diner...yuck! But since it's fiction, it's cute).

I will admit I didn't like the sort of love triangle going on. I'm not a fan of those in the first place, and then when I have chosen who should belong to who and it takes a while to get there it just gets me frustrated. And this one, for me, ended up being awkward, especially since Aidan and Griff are both really great.

Like Andrea mentioned, it a different, heavier feel than Melanie's other books. So don't go into this expecting more of the same. But let's talk about the cover for a minute. Super eye catching, right? Beautifully done. Kudos to the designer there.

It's a quick read if you have some time on a weekend.

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Title: Painting Kisses
Author: Melanie Jacobson
Publisher: Covenant Communications Inc.
Published: October 2014
ISBN: 1621088510
Source: We each received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a review.