Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Don't Want to Kill You

I Don't Want to Kill You (John Cleaver, #3)I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells

Teenage sociopath John Cleaver is determined to destroy the demons that are terrorizing his town. The problem is, he can't track the demon until it kills.

This is a really tough book for me to rate because it is not the kind of book I like. In fact, I avoid this type of book. It was super creepy (as a horror book should be), and parts were gross (probably pretty common in the genre too). I almost gave up reading a couple of times, but then I pushed ahead since I'm trying to read all of the 2011 Whitney Award Finalists.

I'm avoiding giving stars on this because I don't want to taint the overall rating. I didn't like the story, but I think if you are into this type of book, you'd probably really enjoy it. (Although, I'm not sure why anyone would enjoy reading about serial killers, and blood and gore, and mental illness, etc. etc. Such dark, unhappy stuff that will require me reading something else to try to clear my mind before I go to sleep.)